We’ve worked in support too.
It wasn’t awesome.

It all started with two support guys, a whole lot of cursing, and an overwhelming need to make this type of work less soul-crushing.


Support Work Is
Burning Out
Support Humans

We’d like to tell you that working in support is all boba tea, meme scrolling, and heartfelt thank yous. The reality is that this line of work can be… brutal. Half of support techs are leaving after the first year, and the other half are wishing they could.

Working in support is like sprinting a marathon while playing Sudoku on expert. It’s hard, it’s detail-oriented. And it never. Effing. Stops.

We wanted to give support techs a little sanity back. That’s why we invented Unitii.

It’s time to put a stop to the grind

Unitii unifies support tickets from multiple systems and queues into one easy-to-use screen. Your tickets are automatically ranked according to their level of urgency, so you’ll hit your damn SLAs without feeling like you’re playing a game of whack-a-mole.

Sound good? 

Yeah, we thought so too.


Hi, my name is Darren, and I’m a recovering support technician.

Over the years I’ve worked alongside my good friend Keith, and we came up with a crazy idea: Software that makes support work suck just a little less.

I’ve worked in this industry for years. I was the new guy, then I was the manager, and then I was the guy who said “Eff this, I’m out.”

It was a crazy, ridiculously stressful job that never seemed to slow down. Our supervisors were on us constantly to hit our SLAs, which were buried in hundreds of pages of contracts. We were working across two, three, six different systems sometimes, and we were going insane.

We knew there was a better way...

Your work should:

  • Come to you
  • Be the right work at the right time
  • Be quick and easy to perform
  • Be done without hopping between applications

Now you can use Unitii to bring all of your tickets into one place, and hopefully be a little bit less crazy than we were.

See for yourself!

Unitii Team

US Military - Small/Medium Biz - Fortune 100
This team has seen and solved support operations at every level.

Working closely with product teams at the pinnacle of the tech world, they learned how to solve the previously unsolvable. Combining  actual experience, humanity's desire for simplicity, and complex automation, this team has created a game changer for anyone in support operations.

Darren McGee

Darren is the dreamer with the vision. He’s spent his entire career working in tech, both managing teams and working directly with customers to troubleshoot support issues. He’s an Air Force veteran, a former Googler, and more than a little obsessed with creating a better work experience for support staff.

Keith Curtis - Unitii COO
Keith Curtis

Keith comes from a background in operations and technical project management, both in the private and public sector. He’s also an Air Force veteran, a former Googler, and the guy who gets things done around here. When Darren has a big idea, Keith is the guy who brings it to life. 

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Simplify your support work

All it takes is an email address to get started — Unitii is completely free to use. (And there’s a 99.98% chance you’re going to love it.)

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