Support work sucks. Unitii makes it suck less.

Get a single place for your support tickets, automatically ranked, and do it all in one place.


In support, you’re always behind

You’re managing multiple ticket queues with tons of urgent requests. Your boss is constantly on you to do more, faster, with no help in sight. You slam an energy drink, shake your head, and log in. It’s just another day in support.

At Unitii, we’ve been there, so we made the tool that we wish we had years ago.


See all of your tickets in one place

Make all your tickets come to you.
We thought this was a no-brainer. Yet here we are 🤷


Get tickets ranked FOR you

Know what to do next.
Do you enjoy reading open tickets to figure out which one to do next? Yeah, neither do we. Automatically organize your tickets by urgency.


Stay in one system

Do all of your work in one screen.
No more bouncing from tab to tab. Save the multiple monitors for your gaming rig.

This isn’t rocket science — but it is genius

Unitii sets up in minutes. Just create an account, connect your ticket queues, and BOOM — work smarter, not harder.

We make support work suck less

Unitii automatically pulls tickets from these providers, and we’re adding more all the time. No  more learning new software or using an interface that’s older than the internet.

coming soon

Do everything from one dashboard with the Unitii Dashboard

Eff the grind — you deserve better

With Unitii, support work isn’t a grind. Take control of your work, hit those SLAs, get sh*t done, and take back some work-life balance.
Quiet quit without consequences 😏

What real support techs say about Unitii

Unitii was made by support techs, for support techs. But don’t take our word for it — real, actual human beings have used Unitii and loved it.

"Unitii takes away the mental load of figuring out what I need to do next. Work is way less stressful now."

Sensible Shelley

"It's really transparent. I used to have to dig to find out what I needed to do. Unitii eliminated that. Now I don't have to worry that I'm missing something important."

Savvy Spencer

"Unitii is an absolute game changer. No more missed tickets or guessing what I am supposed to work on next."

Jubilant Josh


We’ve worked in support too.
It wasn’t awesome.

It all started with two support guys, a whole lot of cursing, and an overwhelming need to make this type of work less soul-crushing.

Simplify your support work

All it takes is an email address to get started — Unitii is completely free to use. (And there’s a 99.98% chance you’re going to love it.)